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ALFA is an acronym for Active Living for Alzheimer-patients. This project is co-funded by the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme of the European Union. The consortium of enterprises and organisations developing this project consists of universities, healthcare organisations, patient advocacy organisation, R&D techlab, healthcare software company and a technology production company. In our partner pages you can read all about us.

These partners share the ambition of creating a technological solution to support people with dementia in a whole new way. The starting point of our endeavour is the idea that in the early stages of dementia there is a chance of consolidating and maybe even improving cognitive skills in patients. One of the keys to this is trying to keep them active and in control of their own daily activities. Supporting and stimulating physical activity, especially walking and chewing, will lead to better cognitive functioning of the patient. We want to use technology to provide the neccesary stimuli and monitor their activities and development.

For this purpose we will develop a comprehensive platform of tools to enable people with dementia to interact with their environment, make their own choices, stay active and work on their cognitive and physical health in their own home. Using state of the art scientific knowledge we can audio-visually stimulate parts of the brain to reactivate them and we can detect early signs of change in their condition. We want to feed back the information about their daily choices and their progress into the organisers of healthcare workers so they will only have to support and assist the needs that haven't or can't be met by the person himself.

The project will be closely monitored by Alzheimer Nederland and designed from a users point of view. Users in this project are the care workers, informal carers and of course the patients themselves.