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EXEL was founded in 1983 as a service enterprise for the development and manufacture of electronic controllers and systems. More than 28 years in development and service builds our solid basic of our knowledge. For many years, our focus has been on the development of innovative solutions in the field of control system, medical, building automation, agriculture, wireless solution, low power solution. We develop, sell and produce single board computer (SBC), embedded-system, panel pc, peripheral devices and custom designs. Apart from standard products, EXEL is highly willing to accept OEM/ODM requests to design and manufacture customized hardware and software.

The implementation of many successful projects in the most various of sectors has ensured our success with our customers as well as helped us to develop an extensive range of know-how.
We lay great value on being at the forefront while never losing sight of the balance between progress and cost effectiveness.
EXEL’s exceptional problem-solving competence that is based on this know-how is being utilized in the different sectors by an increasing number of satisfied customers.

EXEL customized solutions are engineered and manufactured for all industrial sectors. Fully integrated systems provide the critical components to optimize the product design, development and manufacture. EXEL experts have developed end-to-end solutions that deliver core technology capabilities across a unique range of industries. From the idea and the development concept to the serial production of complete devices, EXEL offers to the customers a perfected, top-quality and fully supported customized product to strengthen the customer’s market position.

As a general contractor, EXEL offers cost-efficient “time to market” outsourcing thus cultivating a system partnership with our customers. Along with our employees, the respective social commitment and the protection of the environment, quality is our top

Relevant previous experience

Regional Call “Dai distretti Produttivi ai Distretti Tecnologici”  E37I10000150001 pERhl project Design and development of Hardware .
FP7-ICT-2010-7   CUPID  project   Closed-loop system for personalized and at-home rehabilitation people with Parkinson’s disease.  Hardware and software development.

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